Rathlin Forage

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Join our local guide Ksenia on a leisurely walk across the Rathlin Shoreline while learning about the different sea life that makes Rathlin it’s home. Ksenia has, for the last sixteen years collected and cooked with the natural produce that grows along the rocky shoreline of Rathlin Island.

Our Foraging Walk will last approximately 1.5hrs and our guide, Ksenia will introduce the ancient art of Foraging.

  • Learn to identify the different types of edible seaweeds on Rathlin’s shoreline.
  • Meet the rockpool creatures that make these rockpools their home.
  • Learn about the conservation of these species and their natural habitats and why it is so important to leave no trace.
  • The benefits of, and nutritional value of cooking with seaweed.

Rathlin, like any Island, has a deep connection to the sea surrounding it, a connection that has sustained the island way of life for generations. The sea has provided work, travel and an income for families for centuries. Historically the Rathlin economy relied primarily on the produce that grows in abundance around the island’s waters. In recent years, the benefits of seaweed and its place in the food chain has seen a resurgence in popularity.

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Ksenia - Rathlin Forage
Rathlin Forage

From: £25.00

From: £25.00

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